Scientific Briefs

Role of Lactobacillus in Vaginal Health

There is clearly potential for probiotics to help maintain good vaginal health. It is especially intriguing to note that even with use of oral probiotic products, the vaginal milieu may be beneficially modified. full brief

Research Supports Use of Probiotics for Preventing and Treating Diarrhea

Probiotics can prevent and treat diarrhea. For a relatively low cost and provided there is a highly potent cell count, healthy bacteria could save an individual many miserable hours of diarrhea, prevent dehydration and hospitalization, and prevent school/work absenteeism. full brief

Probiotics in the Hospital — A Mesa, Arizona Study

Probiotic research published by Terry Graul, Alisha M. Cain, and Kelly D. Karpa from a Mesa, AZ clinical study using Lactobaccilus and bifidobacteria combinations to reduce hospital-acquired Clostiridium difficile full brief

The Importance of Bifidobacteria for Children

Gastrointestinal flora play a complex and critical role in the development of healthy immune and digestive functions in children. The impact of this microbial balance is becoming better understood and short and longer term influences are more clearly coming into perspective through research. Probiotics have been shown to be both safe and beneficial in establishing balance when certain conditions compromise a child’s natural floral modulation. full brief