Technical Information

These are freeze-dried strains of live cultures—the same safe strains sold to most U.S. yogurt producers for over 40 years. One capsule equals the probiotic culture in over 10 cups of fresh yogurt. Typical cell count is over 25 billion cells per capsule at time of purchase. Florajen strains are bile-tolerant. The Lactobacillus acidophilus strain also produces trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Florajen4Kids capsules are vegetarian and size 1 (300 mg.); other Florajen products are size 0 (460 mg.) gelatin capsules. Capsules contain powder of culture and a dairy free carrier of rice maltodextrin, a nonsweet mixture of complex carbohydrate polymers from edible rice starch that is extremely low in protein (0.5%). Florajen probiotics are free of milk, whey, yeast, sugar, soy, sulfite, gluten, eggs, corn, barley (malt), wheat, colorings and preservatives. Sodium levels are extremely low—less than 0.6% or 2.3 mg per capsule. For ketogenic/carbohydrate data, please call 800-257-5433, and ask for Dave Sullivan.

All lot numbers are microbiologically tested for quality and safety according to current FDA and USP procedures and guidelines.

Storage: Refrigerate whenever possible, but will keep at room temperature while traveling. Three weeks at room temperature will not significantly reduce the cell count. Twelve weeks at room temperature will reduce the count by 25% or less. Longer periods at room temperature will reduce the count even more (concern for spoilage is never an issue).

Packaging: Each 100cc white plastic bottle contains 30 or 60 capsules, with a rayon plug and desiccant to absorb moisture. Each bottle has a tamper evident body shrink wrap and is boxed with a lot number and expiration date. Under cold storage temperatures, the product is viable and good many months beyond “Best Before” date. Do not use if outside body shrink wrap is broken at time of purchase.