Florajen4Kids helps maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora—important for a developing immune system.
Unique mulitculture formula with essential Bifido cultures
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For kids under 2 years old, consult a healthcare professional before using probiotics.
High potency Florajen probiotics are recommended for anyone taking antibiotics—to help restore microbial balance.
Florajen maintains the natural microbial balance the body needs to stay healthy.
Culture You Can Count On
Women seeking a natural balance of vaginal flora benefit from Florajen's potency—over 20 billion cells per capsule.

Proven results for over 20 years.
Culture You Can Count On
Florajen has twice to potency—guaranteed—at half the price of its leading competitors. David Sullivan, Chief Bacteriologist
President and Co-Founder of American Lifeline, makers of Florajen
From the only probiotic company founded and managed by bacteriologists
Culture You Can Count On
I found Florajen long ago for everyday health—but now it's helping me see the world comfortably. I won't let my friends leave home without it.
Florajen is more powerful and a much better value than its competitors.
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